Nevada Political Roundup February 22

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Opening remarks

I have mentioned previously that choosing to endorse a candidate prior to the formal “Candidate Filing Period” can be a mistake. A new, “better” candidate can jump in a race, the candidate can decide not to run or they can decide to run for something else.

Ellen Spiegel, former Nevada Assemblywoman and State Senate Candidate was running for Secretary of State. On Wednesday last week she decided that she’d rather run for State Controller.

Spiegel to run for SOS

No, I want to be Controller

Don’t forget, we have a running list of candidates here: 2022 Election Candidate List | Tom Clark Solutions


Important Deadlines

Candidate Filing PeriodMarch 7 – March 18, 2022
Primary ElectionTuesday June 14, 2022
Primary Early VotingMay 28 – June 10
General ElectionTuesday November 8, 2022
General Early VotingOctober 22 – November 4


Welcome to the party

Douglas County Commissioner Danny Tarkanian is considering whether to challenge Rep. Mark Amodei for the 2nd Congressional District seat. He told The Nevada Independent last week that he would not enter the race unless he feels good about it. 

When asked about Tarkanian considering a run, the straight-talking Amodei responded by saying, “It’s America.”

Amodei, who has represented the Northern Nevada district for a little more than a decade, said he had heard Tarkanian had “been kicking tires or getting ready to run or something.”

“In this business, it’s always healthy to remind yourself, ‘Hey, last time I checked anyhow, it’s America. If somebody wants to run for office, they can run for office,’” Amodei said in a brief interview. “The House of Representatives, they have a personnel session every 24 months. And so if somebody thinks that they’ve got a better mousetrap, then those are the avenues available to them.” 

Tarkanian had been a perennial unsuccessful GOP candidate until he won his seat on the Douglas County Commission in 2020

— Humberto Sanchez & Jannelle Calderon

Political News

Governor Sisolak to provide post-covid recovery plan in special address
Gov. Steve Sisolak will lay out Nevada’s vision for a post-COVID-19 recovery and detail plans for spending billions of dollars in federal pandemic assistance during an off-year State of the State speech tomorrow.

Commissioner Herman’s election proposal halted
Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman requested a resolution proposing sweeping changes to the county’s election system, including a transition to almost all paper ballots and a measure to ensure Nevada National Guard members are stationed at each polling and ballot box location, was pulled from today’s meeting agenda following legal advice from the County DA.

What we’re doing this Interim

The 2021 Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 443, Legislation that fundamentally changed the way the Legislature operates between Sessions. The newly formed Interim Standing Committees have begun meeting, hearing overviews of their mission and setting agendas for the next eleven months.

They continue to meet via video conference but we’re hopeful that by Spring some will begin to meet in person. Click here to view a list of upcoming Joint Interim Standing Committee meetings.

2021 Redistricting Maps

The new boundaries would give 14 of the 21 state Senate districts and 27 of the 42 Assembly districts a voter registration advantage for Democrats over Republicans of more than 4.5 percent.

The Nevada Independent

Please see the links below to view the new district lines for Nevada Assembly, Senate and Congressional delegation.

Congressional Congressional

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