Nevada Political Roundup
November 10

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Opening remarks

Now we wait. 

Being a Battle Ground State is exciting. Being one of the last states to count, cure and report results is not.

Registrars in the urban counties (Washoe and Clark) have reported that tens of thousands of ballots that were dropped off at voting locations remain to be counted. That’s frustrating but I give our Registrars, their staff and the many, many volunteers a lot of credit for working long hours to make sure that the outcome is credible, that EVERY vote matters and must be counted. We don’t expect results for several key races, like U.S. Senate and Governor, to be known until Saturday.

The shift we will see in the next couple of days will make many people very suspicious of the outcome. Mail and drop off ballots tend to favor Democrats and we’re already seeing that trend as the lead Republicans have eroding. 

The world is watching the Silver State very closely. National media organizations get very excited as new numbers are reported. The power balance of the US Senate is at stake. As Jon Ralston, CEO of the Nevada Independent and a regular on MSNBC and other national news channels likes to say, “We Matter.”

We do matter and we need to be patient so that we can have confidence in the outcome regardless of who wins and loses.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s office has regular updates, but we are keeping a closer eye on the individual county websites, especially Clark and Washoe. You can find links to all of them below.

Or, watch the national news. They’re watching us. 👀


Clark County

Washoe County

Nevada Secretary of State (for cumulative totals and county by county breakdowns)


The Nevada Independent has projected several winners up and down the ballot. Notably Aaron Ford (D) is anticipated to prevail over Sigal Chattah (R) and win reelection to the Attorney General’s office. 

Click here for the complete list of projected winners. 

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