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Post-Election Edition

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Opening remarks

The 2022 Mid-Term General Election has been decided even though election officials in each Nevada county continue to finalize the outcome. Mail ballots have been counted, uncertain ballots have been “cured” and the final canvass will be delivered to each County Commission for certification.

Yes, it took a long time to count the ballots and people were anxious to get the results, but the prolonged announcement was due to process, not politics. For example, it took time to count every vote that was mailed or dropped off at election centers. If a signature on a mail-in ballot was questionable, the voter was notified, and the ballot needed to be “cured” by the voter.

I suspect the Nevada Legislature will try and address these issues when they convene in February 2023.

Election Outcome

Nevada was again the focus of a lot of national attention, especially the race for the US Senate. Incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto faced a difficult challenge from former NV Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, Adam Laxalt. Majority control of the US Senate once again hinged on the outcome of the race. Catherine Cortez Masto was declared the winner and Adam Laxalt conceded on November 15, 2022.

Nevada 2022 General Election result for U.S. Senate

The race for Governor was hotly contested between Incumbent Democrat Steve Sisolak and Republican Sheriff from Clark County, Joe Lombardo. The Nevada electorate is known to split their ballot, and this was evidenced by Joe Lombardo winning the contest over the incumbent by nearly 15,000 votes.

Nevada 2022 General Election result for Governor

To view the rest of the 2022 election results, visit our updated 2022 Election Candidate List.

All 17 counties will canvass their votes on Friday, November 17, a statutorily required process to declare, examine, and certify the election results. 

To learn more about canvassing the vote in Nevada, check out this handy dandy infographic the Legislative Counsel Bureau Research Division has provided. 


Laxalt Concedes to Cortez Masto: “Any challenge would not alter the outcome.”

All 3 ballot questions approved by Nevada voters

Governor-Elect Lombardo Announces Transition Team

Lombardo pledges to be education governor

Nevada’s three vulnerable House Democrats survive re-election challenges


Democrats will maintain control of both houses in the Nevada Legislature:

Senate: 13 Democrats, 8 Republicans
Assembly: 28 Democrats (2/3rds Super Majority), 14 Republicans

Assembly Speaker Pro-Tem, Steve Yeager, is expected to take the helm as Speaker of the Assembly. The Senate will continue to be led by Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert has been chosen as Minority Leader. PK O’Neil has been chosen as the Assembly Minority Leader. 

Further reading:

Democrats expected to retain control of Legislature, remain short of supermajority

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